Loign Loign

After many research performed, new article has been posted about loign. Remember loign equal to Hotmail login.

There are a lot of typo mistake while searching in Google. So, today we go through about login rather than loign.

First lets discuss, why you are not being able to login your Hotmail account.

Hotmail was considered one of the top email service provider. But after successful growth of Gmail, many new users are moved into Gmail platform.

That’s why if you have Gmail account, you would occasionally log into If your account was inactive more than one year period. Hotmail sets that account as inactive. To re-active that account, you have to go through account recovery process.

What you need is phone number, email account associated with Hotmail sign up.

If not, you could give answer of security question. At the past moment, you were asked to provide security questions.

Other option would be, try to login your Hotmail from recognized device, that means try to login from phone or computer, that used to be successfully use in past.



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