Longin Longin

Are you confused about longin? Here is the solution, which is error free. What you need to do it, recheck your typing keyword. Instead of typing, longin, you should type login.

Also, don’t confuse with loign. loign email.

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Sometimes, user can make typo mistake, in that case, you have to retype that keywords, or you have to follow to Google provided keyword.

Anyway, longin case, we provide the solution.

Now, again go to google search and type login or follow this link to go into Hotmail login homepage.

Direct link to go to login: longin longin

Note: that you can see, login page look like above image. If you have already an account on Hotmail then click sign in button, and then enter username and password.

If you want to create new Hotmail login account, then click create new account and follow the instructions.

Simply, you are required to provide first name, last name and choose username.

Summary: now you know that how to fix typo error while you are searching any Hotmail related keyword. Just fix that or follow the link available in our different section.


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