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Hotmail Classic Site – How To Login Hotmail Classic Website

Hotmail Classic Site

Welcome to Hotmail classic site. Today we go to how to login Hotmail classic website. After Hotmail was became Outlook, many users find this is very confusing to login Hotmail. They are searching whether they can login like Hotmail classic site.

Learn: Hotmail login process. also Hotmail.com longin.

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hotmail classic site

hotmail classic site

Hotmail Classic Site Features

Before, we jump into real issue, let us explain, why people still want to login via classic site. Because, Hotmail users find this is very easy to login to old website. Because, there navigation system was simple, easily can find inbox and many more.

But, new website also not bad, after few times of running new Hotmail website, you find this is easy like old classic website.

Hotmail Login In New Website

Now, old Hotmail website is not available, so it is recommended you to go to new Hotmail website.

Direct link to go new website: https://outlook.live.com/owa/

Don’t confuse with Hotmail loign.

How To Go Into Classic Website

We know that, now there is new Hotmail website. Even you type www.hotmail.com, they redirect you to outlook.com. So, it is recommended to learn new webmail.

It is not hard to learn new Hotmail website.

Here is the way to go new Hotmail site.

  1. Open your laptop or desktop.
  2. Then start your favorite web browser. You can download browser for free.
  3. Then in url type, www.outlook.com.
  4. They you see, there Outlook homepage or new Hotmail page.
  5. Click sign in button.
  6. There you have to enter your Hotmail email address. Here type full email address, including @hotmail.com.
  7. Click next and type password.
  8. Now you are in to Hotmail inbox.

Summary: Now you can not find old Hotmail site, so you have to login Hotmail email from new website also called new Hotmail site called Outlook.